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Exporting your goods or services outside Lebanon is one of the best opportunities to grow your business. IDAL presents insights into key markets on a regular basis. You can find below our recent studies:


These market overviews are meant to introduce Lebanese exporters to markets which could be of strategic interest to them. They include information of market trends and economic performance, export and import activity, and they identify key business opportunities.


If you wish to expand into overseas markets, IDAL will help you overcome the barriers in new challenging markets by providing different services. Through its market intelligence services, and constant participation in inward and outward trade missions, IDAL will identify specific business opportunities and connect local ICT companies with the related international partners.

If you need more information on any specific market, you can contact our team.



In 2016, IDAL spearheaded the organization of a series of events across different countries in order to introduce the competitive advantages of Lebanese companies operating in the technology and information technology sectors to the foreign markets and to foster the creation of business linkages between Lebanese and foreign companies.


The aim of these initiatives is to foster the growth of Lebanese ICT companies through supporting them in identifying new markets and establishing links with foreign companies looking for partners to outsource the development of all or part of their services.


IDAL has partnered with Business France and the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce in Paris to organize a convention aimed at promoting business linkages between Lebanese and French IT and technology companies looking for BPO opportunities in Lebanon and Africa. The “Investment opportunities in the Tech and ICT sectors” conference was held at la Maison de l'Unesco in Paris on the 17th of March 2016.


The purpose of the event was to introduce the competitive advantages of Lebanese companies operating in the IT and technology sectors to the French market, and to give Lebanese companies the opportunity to export their products to the French and African markets through personalized B2B meetings with French companies that are seeking to outsource part of their operations.


The event was packed with investors' meetings and thought provoking discussions on the investment opportunities available in the ICT sector between France and Lebanon. Around 15 carefully selected Lebanese companies attended the event and had the chance to present their company and engage in personalized B2B meetings with a number of interested French companies. Lebanese companies met with a number of potential French clients and discusses promising future business deals.


You can download the Program of the event here.


IDAL has partnered with the “Association Technologie de l’Informatique Libano-Canadienne” ATILC, and Berytech, to initiate a program for the Lebanese Knowledge Economy Players called Bridge to innovation B2i.


The purpose of this program is to facilitate the access for Innovative Lebanese Companies in the digital and knowledge economy, to the North American market through Canada, and to provide a support network to startups and SMEs through accessing potential acceleration programs and VC funds.


The fields of interest and expertise for this program are: Big data, Mobile apps, Smart City, Analytics, Aeronautical, Retail related tech, Internet of Things, Energy, and Gaming & Gamification.


The Launch of this initiative will take place in 2 parts.

Part 1: March 9-11, Montreal, Canada

The objective of this visit to Montreal is to introduce the Canadian ecosystem to the Lebanese ecosystem, and to connect innovative Lebanese companies to potential clients, VCs accelerators and innovation support entities.

Part 2: May 3-4, Beirut, Lebanon

The aim of this event in Lebanon is to showcase the Lebanese Ecosystem to the Canadian Diaspora visiting Lebanon.


You can find a tentative program of the event here.

If you are interested to participate in this program, please contact us at andrea.kazan@idal.com.lb.