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Lebanon offers the most liberal investment climate in the Middle East with the lowest corporate tax rates in the world.
IDAL is Lebanon's national investment promotion agency. We provide local and foreign investors alike with a range of incentives and business support services to help them establish their operations in Lebanon. About us
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For the third consecutive year, the AIM delivered the Investment Award, which recognizes the accomplishment of the countries or regions in attracting sizable and beneficial investment projects and thus contributing to the economic growth and development of their markets. Lebanon has won through the investment project of Arwan Pharmaceuticals, a project of over USD 17 million, that benefited from IDAL's support and incentive schemes.  The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) is an initiative from the UAE Ministry of Economy. It is the region’s first emerging markets FDI/focused event to offer a perfect blend of trade fair and intellectual features aimed at enriching institutional, corporate and individual investors attending with a comprehensive view of the investment environment in high growth regions.  IDAL is always exerting constant effort to improve the economy and lives of the people in Lebanon.  
30 | Mar 2015
We organized a conference titled 'Invest in Media' at the Cinemacity in Beirut Souks in partnership with Fondation Liban Cinema to encourage investments in the sector, in particular film production.The event was under the patronage and presence of the Minister of Information and Minister of Culture whereby they foresaw the signing of a memorandum of understanding between IDAL, represented by Chairman Nabil Itani and Fondation Liban Cinema, represented by its President Mrs. Maya de Freige. The conference included three panels of discussion covering investment opportunities, challenges, support and new sector trends.
27 | Mar 2015