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IDAL is run by a Chairman/General Manager and a Board of Directors comprised of 6 members from the private sector.

Dr. Mazen Soueid
Chairman - General Manager
Alaa Hamieh
Vice President
Simon Souhaid
Vice President
William Charo
Board Member
Me. Rana Dabliz
Board Member
Mohamad Al Mohtar
Board Member
Me. Rabih Maalouli
Board Member
Me. Ali Hamdan
Government Commissioner


Nadim Makdessi
Head of department

The Studies, Planning and Statistics Directorate is mainly responsible for preparing studies, researches, documents, statistics and suggestions in relation to the investment climate in Lebanon and opportunities for investment in various sectors. It is also involved in providing economic, commercial and industrial information, in view of assisting local and foreign investors in investing in various sectors. 


On the policy and planning front, the directorate coordinates with public and private entities to identify key issues hindering investments and recommends legislative and policy changes in that regard. It also undertakes research on growth promising sectors to be promoted by IDAL, identifies potential investment opportunities, and recommends policy changes to foster investments in these sectors.


To cater to those needs, IDAL has put in place an investor’s matchmaking platform to assist investors in identifying new opportunities and in forming joint-ventures or other forms of partnerships with prospective investors.


Lina Fakhoury
Juliette El-Khoury
Media Editor
Mohsen El Amine
Project Coordinator

The Information and Promotion Directorate is responsible for promoting investment opportunities in Lebanon and for handling image-building initiatives. In that regard, the directorate undertakes all marketing and communications efforts such as awareness campaigns, investment missions, conferences and seminars, and all public and media relations for IDAL.


The directorate is also responsible for assisting in the support, promotion and marketing of Lebanese exports, in particular, agricultural products and material used in the agro-industry as well as agro-industrial products.


The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) Directorate is responsible for processing the application of investors applying for IDAL’s incentives, and providing relevant assessment to the Board of Directors. For projects governed by this law, the Authority shall exclusively supersede all public administrations, authorities and municipalities in issuing required administrative permits and licenses, except for those granted by the Council of Ministers.


The directorate is also tasked with monitoring the progress of investment projects through its aftercare unit, and supporting investors in dealing with bottlenecks.


Incentives granted by the OSS are based on a set of criteria included in Investment Law No. 360.


Rana Slaibi
Dania Zarkout
Head of Administrative Affairs Unit
Ghada Moubarak
Head of the Board Secretariat Unit
Carmen Diab
Assistant to the Chairman – Head of Unit
George Oubari
IT Manager

The Finance & Administrative Affairs Directorate is in charge of general administration matters such as accounting and budgeting, procurement, legal affairs, human resources, secretary and information technology.



Walid Hanna
Legal Advisor