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07 | Apr 2016

IDAL, represented by Chairman Nabil Itani, participated as a partner at the “How to Do Business in the EU and Netherland” technical workshop held at the Movenpick Hotel – Beirut on April 7th, 2016. This workshop was co-organized by the Embassy of Netherland and the Lebanese Dutch Business Association.

The event was packed with investors, exporters and entrepreneurs discussing the business opportunities in the Agriculture, Agrofood and Industrial sectors between Lebanon and the EU countries.

60 representatives from different Lebanese companies, establishments and ministries took part of the event elaborated to support Lebanese exporters’ access new markets and expand their businesses.

Mr Hans Verhulst and Mr Ari Bijil provided the attendees through presentations, cases studies and success stories with detailed information on the EU standards and requirements and how the Lebanese products could have a competitive edge there.

IDAL distributed a survey on the attendees to collect information about the ability of the attendees to export and enter these markets in ordered to conduct a census including the information on the products exported to Europe and Netherland and to check what are the attendees’ needs regarding these markets (standards, requirements, documents, importers…). 46.7% of the attendees filled out these surveys, and all of them are willing to enter the European market.

20% of the agricultural exporters who attended the workshop have been exporting to Europe, compared to 37.5% of the agro-food exporters and 22.2% of the industrial exporters. The main exported products were:

  • Agriculture products: Malus; Citrus; Grapes; Potatoes; Onions; Flowers and Plants.
  • Agro-food products: Olive Oil; Thyme; Oregano and Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Industrial products: Paint; Copper and Metal Valves.