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Sectors in Focus
Furniture and Wood Industry

Lebanon’s endowment with talented designers and craftsman provides opportunity for the development of a high-end furniture industry that can compete at a regional and global scale.




  • The Gross Value-Added of the Furniture and Wood sector stood at USD 139 million in 2017.
  • Furniture and Wood companies account for 8% of the total number of industrial firms in Lebanon, comprising 368 companies.
  • More than 50% of Furniture and Wood companies are located in Mount Lebanon and 10% in the North.
  • Exports stood at USD 70 million in 2017, accounting for 3% of total industrial exports.
  • The leading exporting countries are Saudi Arabia (18%), UAE (12%) and Qatar (12%).
  • Imports stood at USD 493 million in 2017, accounting for 3% of total industrial imports.
  • The leading importing countries are China (22%), Italy (16%) and Germany (5%).




  • A Growing Regional Furniture Market: The Middle East furniture market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% during the 2018-2023 period. The furniture market in the region relies heavily on imports of brands leaving ample opportunities for Lebanese manufacturers to address this demand through specialization in high-end furniture design.
  • Strong Real Estate and Construction Sector: The real estate sector has always been one of the main backbones of the Lebanese economy accounting for 15% of total GDP in 2017. The real estate sector activity has significant spillover effects on other industries including wood and furniture manufacturing.
  • Reconstruction of Syria: The Lebanese wood industry will capitalize on the reconstruction of Syria to expand and boost its size. Main opportunities exist in the prefabricated houses market, and supply of construction material including wood.
  • Furniture Cluster in Tripoli: UNIDO in partnership with the Association of Lebanese Industrialists is supporting the development of a furniture cluster in Tripoli to help furniture makers improve their production processes. This cluster will significantly improve local skills in furniture design to be able to compete regionally and internationally.
  • Internationally-acclaimed Design Events: Beirut Design week is one of many international events that is held annually in Lebanon to showcase Lebanese unique designs in furniture and fashion. Such events help increase the visibility of the Lebanese furniture production at a regional and international scale.


Sources: Lebanese Customs, Ministry of Industry, Central Administration of Statistics, Statista

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