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Work, residency permits and employment contract
How to get a work and residency permit?
Please refer to this document.
How to apply for prior approval before arriving in Lebanon?

The foreigner can apply for a prior approval to practice a profession in Lebanon from the Ministry of Labor through the Lebanese mission abroad or an authorized representative of the foreigner who is in Lebanon.

Can IDAL facilitate the process?

Yes IDAL can facilitate the process of getting a work permit, through the consolidated office to pursue licenses. For more information please download our step-by-step guide to licenses and Permits in Lebanon.

What about employment in Lebanon?

For detailed information on employment contract, terms and termination of employment as well as special terms and conditions for Non-Lebanese workers please refer to this document.

What about the Lebanese Social Security System?

For detailed information about the Lebanese National Social Security Fund and for the cases where an employer is exempted from contributions click here.

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